I am a voice teacher with more than 25 years experience in music making, and in the last 15 years, I have been teaching singing and providing a valuable service to help students become the best they can be. 


Born into a musical family, I began singing at age 13 in a church choir.  Harmonising and developing foundational music and listening skills at this age was invaluable to my early years of learning. Soon after completing Secondary College I started taking voice lessons when I became a lead vocalist in a pop band.  In hindsight the desire to overcome my personal vocal struggles, became the catalyst to embark on a journey of learning throughout my singing career.


“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning” – William Arthur Ward


“We learn more by looking for the answer

to a question and not finding it

than we do from learning the answer itself” – Lloyd Alexander


Most of my searching was initially to assist me with my craft.  Learning from well established Vocal teachers in Australia, supplemented with resources from world renowned Vocal coaches Seth Riggs “Singing For the Stars” and Brett Manning Studios Nashville (Singing Success ™ A Systematic Training Program for Singers) has given me diverse knowledge in understanding how to prepare the voice for healthy and stylistic delivery in the contemporary music arena. 


The need to obtain a formal qualification as a Voice Teacher has been a growing desire in the last 5-6 years of my life.  Under the guidance and mentorship of Kate Sadler, I discovered the pathway for this qualification with Trinity College London, expanding my skillset.  Exploring the Estill Model, an evidence-based system of voice training has provided me invaluable tools for my teaching studio, giving me an understanding of the anatomical structures in the larynx responsible for producing the voice.  It provides practical solutions to vocal problems, developing valuable tools to alleviate excess tension, improve vocal cord function in a healthy way, and hence have consistent tone, good breath management, projection, vocal range, control of dynamics, and vocal colour.  This model identifies the three levels of learning; Craft, Artistry, and Performance Magic, which sums up exactly what I want to offer my students.


The Training and Assessment Course Cert IV that I completed in 2016, provides me with the knowledge in how to create lesson plans and strategies, as well as identify learner needs and styles of learning. Any student of voice has the ability to succeed either on a personal level, or a professional level or both.

As Plato best describes,

“Never discourage anyone…

who continually makes progress,

no matter how slow”. 


The journey to reach their desired goals is how the student truly discovers their voice, their art and themselves. I like to provide my student with every bit of information that I can to guide them through their journey.  The story of the “The Wizard of Oz” is a wonderful allegory, which sums up the holistic approach I like to offer my students.


“An effective teacher is like the wizard who must help each individual appreciate the potential that resides within themselves – the potential to make the best use of their minds, their hearts, and behaviours that can make the world a better place”.