My mission as a singing teacher, is to empower the singer with sound knowledge and understanding in how to use the voice in a healthy way and achieve success in whatever context they wish to pursue the art of singing.  I love to see people of all ages benefit and be inspired to develop their craft to their fullest potential and to get enjoyment from it.
In addition to the training I have taken over the years, I am also able to teach from my performance experience as a member of the Melbourne Gospel Choir, as a backing singer to some of Melbourne's finest artists, as a frontline singer of my cover band Black Cherie to writing & recording my original music .  

As part of my professional development I undertook an intensive course in Estill Voice in 2016.  This knowledge is not only valuable to me as an artist and performer but also gives me the tools to instruct my students in achieving results in vocalising in any style and genre.  Vocal pedagogy continues to change with technology and as new research is continually transforming the way singing is taught today.   I am committed to offer my students an easy-to-understand, systematic approach covering correct posture, correct breathing techniques, vocal hygiene, and assist singers to develop a connected voice that will release them to succeed in vocal performance, delivery and artistry. 

Certified in Training & Assessment (TAE) and as a member of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, I am committed to on-going study of the voice and associated practice of vocal study.   
Past and current influences for which I am grateful for are :

  • Kate Sadler, Melbourne

  • Jenny Caire, Estill Voice

  • Dave Brooks & Brett Manning Singing Studios Nashville USA

  • The Working Singers Handbook - Roma Waterman

  • Singing For the Stars - Seth Riggs

  • Julian Bailey, Melbourne

  • David Jaanz School of Singing

  • Jean Pearson, National Theatre Vic



It is very fulfilling to teach Singing/Songwriting and Recording to anyone who has a desire to develop these art forms individually or simultaneously.  I find it rewarding to see singers/songwriters reach their singing and writing goals and arrive at their fullest potential in whatever they desire to do in music.
I’ve spent years of my early life singing without any proper technique and knowledge.  Just getting by with what came naturally was what I did in my early days of music and this always led to frustration.  Having the natural gifting, passion and emotion wasn’t enough to pull me through the kinds of music styles I desired to sing.  I studied Classical Piano (London Trinity College) and then later explored my love for Jazz, R&B and Soul playing and singing.   Auditioning for a national TV talent competition brought me to the realization that I needed lessons for Singing and Stage Presentation. 
What drove me was the lack of technical ability and consistency in my performances, and to operate at my fullest potential with all the raw materials I had.
My professional development as a singer/songwriter has been a journey and I am grateful for all the contributions that each of my teachers, lecturers and mentors have put into my life along the way. 
My most recent influences in Voice training and Songwriting are:


  • Dave Brooks & Brett Manning Singing Studios Nashville USA

  • Brad Hatfield - Songwriting for Film & TV Berklee College Boston USA

  • Neil Diercks – Songwriting Hit Songs Berklee College Boston USA

  • Mitch Benoff  - Vocal Production Berklee College Boston USA

  • Pat Patterson – Songwriter

  • Singing For the Stars - Seth Riggs

The systematic approach from Singing Success in isolating vocal sounds and getting the most out of a singer whether it be in a training or recording session has been invaluable.     
At Next Level Singing, I am able to offer my services as a Singing Teacher in addition to those wanting to learn piano/keyboard skills, using recording software, and songwriting and voice production.
I am grateful for the following associations and mentoring from my past courses from the following Schools and Teachers:


  • Berklee College Boston US : Audio Mixing & Mastering

  • Box Hill College of TAFE Whitehorse: Audio Engineer ARIA Award nominee Adam Quaife : Audio Engineering Course 2 yrs

  • Swinburne & Barton Colleges : Industrial Electronics (Digital Control)


Tilarni and David are involved in The Australian Whitney Houston Show, which they launched in 2018. Starring Tilarni, The Australian Whitney Houston Show is a show that brings to life the music of one of the world’s most successful and awarded songstress divas of our time, Whitney Houston. The full cabaret show can consist of a live band headed by musician/songwriter/producer David Senn, backup singers and dancers.